15 Feb 2010

Aronian versus Toplalov

Brilliantly interesting BENONI
Round 3 LINARES 2010

Play through entire game on line
with its ups and downs for both sides
and comparison boards for crucial positions.

A64 Modern Benoni Fianchetto
Out of book on Move 17.Rb1, where Bf4 or Bg5 were played earlier.

Topalov has placed his Rook on -e7- so that it can assist in the battle for the =b5= square. Forces from both sides get themselves ready for the skirmish on the queenside and Topalov sacrifices the b5 pawn to create room for attack.

Topalov brings up the other Knight on move 24...Nb6, whereby he gives Aronian the chance to defuse the situation with 25.Ra2 followed by getting his Knight out of the congested position 26.Ne2. giving us this:

Possibly, if Topalov had played a4 one move earlier, he might have prevented Ra2 and Aronian would not have been able to free himself tht easily.

This is a game and a half!
The Benoni does that: it allows a middle game of hand-to-hand combat unencumbered by tedious lengthy theory.

I was right for a change: Black should have played 24.a4 one move earlier than he did.

And White should have played 35.e6 which he didn't.

Oh, I do nice work :-)
Wish somebody would tell me so once in a while.

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