18 Feb 2010

Linares 2010 Round 5


Topalov versus Grischuk


commented as it happed.

Subtle start to this game, with White trying to stir things up and Black trying to keep things quiet.

Topalov applied the Carlsen technique of getting his opponent into time trouble,
He started to play slightly offbeat moves to make Grischuk use up extra time and then applied more pressure by move 30 when Black had only a few minutes left for the remaining ten moves.

Crucial moves

27....Kh7 were Grischuk played 27....Kg7

31....Qg3, where he played 31...R8f7

52...h5 where he played 52...Ne8

Things got a little out of hand and both sides produced inaccuracies. The blitzing meant Black lost his decided advantage but he still managed to come out of move 40 with a chance of equality.

Play through game up till move 42.

So many errors, then on move 52. Qb8..* he misses the chance of a rep draw, by playing 52..h5 or at least get in enough easy moves to pass thru the next time portal.

I am rather disappointed that Grischuk fell apart under pressure.
Well done Topalov.

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