19 Feb 2010

Topalov - Vallejo

Linares Round 6
English 4 Knights

(As it happened. For completed game see next post.)

So far like Van Wely vs Shirov in the London Classic 0-1
where White castled on move 7.0-0 but today's game could still transpose to that.

Topalov played 7.a3
Timman vs Bareev in 1997 drew
Lautier beat Piket in 1996

Partial game with notes, to play through.

I would love to see 12...a5, which would destroy Topalov's carefully prepared defence on the queenside, where he has to retract his DSB now or later.

My wish wasn't granted and Vallejo played 12....Nd4 instead. Oh well...

Pluschenko didn't get gold either. Not my lucky week.


I fancy 21..Bb3 22.Rb1 f4 23.gxf Qd4 and attack on both fronts.
Didn't get that either:

21...Rh5 22.Ne2 ?

Again one of those time-testing moves from Topalov.
It does make for an interesting game.

Now castling long is on the cards for Black. He will be pleased to have his King tucked away safely.
The black Queen will have to come forward, Qd6 better than Qc7

He plays 22...Qc7.
Well, what do I know.

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