23 Feb 2010

Grischuk versus Topalov

Linares 2010 round 9
E15 Queens' Indian


Ionov versus Beliavsky 2004 draw in 82 moves

and Huzman versus Azarov draw in 2005

Still in book, with games by Ionov-Beliavsky, Huzman - Azarov
who played Bc1 and Bg5

Now e4 would elicit Nb4, which is a little scary.


We are still following Huzman - Azarov (Saint vincent 28 moves 2005)


and we get the usual motif: exchanges on =f6= with the Queen coming forward and the fianchetto from White.

leading to

The pawns in the center are stopping the Bishops for the time being and Bb4 isn't as much of a threat any longer. 13.e3 is not out of the question now, but castling or cxd5 are also possible.

Grischuk chooses to 0-0. Now a pawn trade on =c4= and a Rook move to the center.

leading to

leading to

Still a lot of time for deviousness

8 mins vs 22 and still 8 moves to play.
What out-of-the-way moves is Topalov going to dream up?


leading to

Grischuk took advantage of the chance to throw in some extra moves. I somehow don't think that was Topalov's purpose.


24 mins vs 56
13 moves to the next time control.

What if Grischuk wins this?
Are they tied and does Grischuk have a better games perspective?
What is the Linares criterium again?
Same number of draws, but what about draws as Black or White?

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

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