31 Jan 2010

Carlsen wins CORUS 2010

So Magnus Carlsen has pulled it off yet again.
Today a little too close for comfort, but what an entertaining two weeks he has given us.

Pity we won't get to see him in Linares this year. I wonder when we can enjoy his magic again.

This tournament he seems to have matched the playing style of each different opponent. He seems to have settled old scores and refined openings that hadn't worked out so well before. I liked the fact that so many of these confrontations were continuations of what had gone before. Often with the most wonderful improvements in style and finesse.

Maybe Carlsen hasn't quite developed his own playing style yet, but this mix-and-match is good enough for me as a viewer.
Besides, the overal technique of making his opponents pay for being tardy, is in itself a very refreshing tactic.

It was a treat.