31 Jan 2010

CORUS 2010 round 13

Today Carlsen plays White against Caruana.

If he wins today, he will have won the tournament outright.
If he draws, there are two mathematically possible sharers.

C77 It's a RUY LOPEZ again. But which one? Not an Open Spanish, his opponent's favourite. Not the one he played against Nakamura.

Does this mean Carlsen is aiming for a (quick) draw?


First played by J.H.Blackburne vs Ossip Bern in St. Peterburgh in 1914 draw 35 moves. Smyslov and Bronstein also liked this 9.Bg5

Caruana seems puzzled and has used up 17% of his allotted time already.
He could have annoyed both white Bishops, but pushes his d-pawn instead. Most players in my database played 9...h6.


White will probably bring out his other Knight now, rather than start fiddling on =d5=.
Waiting move, 10.Qe2 instead.
The others are all on move 15 at least.
83 vs 74 mins


I can't see where White is going with these moves.
Except keeping his options open until Black shows his hand.

leading to

Even after two tempo boosters ( being White and not castling), I can't see White having so much as an edge at the minute.

16....Rad8 17.Qf3 ? Queen? I thought it was Knight.


I have no 'feel' for this game. Don't see where he is going ( apart from going home) or what he is up to.

26 vs 8 mins

If he's not careful he won't even draw.

Caruana has 7 mins for 8 moves. Quite feasible unless Carlsen throws him a curve ball.

White'Rook has never been anyplace. Hasn't éven castled.
Surely he's got to take it to =c1= smartish.
That kingside pawn chain is locked and there seems little chance of kingside action, so the Rook might as well move away from there and at least get rid of both Rooks.

He does. Good.
Now what?

There is not enough leeway for Carlsen to cause Caruana grief in time trouble.
It looks pretty scary.

With 2 seconds to spare, Caruana comes through smelling of roses.

If Black gives us 40...Kf6, Carlsen will have been taught a lesson: not everybody is afraid of his python technique.

AND HE'S DONE IT!! Caruana up +2.00 or rather Carlsen down -2.00

I have to say, they both deserved what they got.

First Andy Murray, and now Carlsen.
It hasn't been my day.

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