23 Jan 2010

CORUS round 7

Carlsen as White against Ivanchuk.
D11 Slav

4...a6 Chebanenko

5.Qc2 put the cat amongst the pigeons straightaway.
Played by Aronian, Akobian and Bu, to mention only a few.
White doesn't bring out his minor pieces yet. Hanging about a bit to wait and see what Black is up to.

I like this cat and mouse approach.

Black plays 5...g6, probably to back up the LSB once it moves to =f5=. whilst -c5- and/or -e5- are in the offing.

leading to:

Ivanchuk doesn't take his LSB to =f5= but to =e6=. Well, what do I know.

The engine is screaming for 7. b3, but somehow 7. c5 appeals to me.
Ah, Carlsen plays Junior.


Ivanchuk lost this game as early as move 6....Be6, where 6....Bf5 might have saved him.
From there on in it was an unstoppable slide down the plughole.

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