28 Oct 2010



Catalan E00

Carlsen is back to his inventive playing style again.
What a relief, after the pussyfooting performance in Bilbao.

Today it is Wang who is being subjected to a confusing notation.

To an outsider like myself, it looks as if Carlsen is singing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

Fun though, but highly irritating to opponents I shouldn't wonder, even though entertaining for us viewers from afar.

Time wise, todays method is being successful as Wang is 40 minutes behind on the clock already, and we are only on move 19.

In contrast to Bacrot and Gashimov, who are giving short shrift today, with a 14 move draw. I don't inow if anything was physically wrong with either of them, but it leaves a bad after taste. The organizers must be displeased.

........and five minutes later, they too duck out with a draw.

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