14 Oct 2010


Carlsen and Shirov launched into a Ruy of Archangle proportions.

Onischuk qui mal-y-pense.

A sober sort of game without fireworks but the occasional damp squib.
Particularly in Carlsen's move 17.Na7, where others had taken the Knight back to a peaceful home corner.

This ruffled the complacent queenside and initiated Blacks eventual downfall.

Well, they went on to move 62 apparently but the outcome was the same.
Just to show you how superfluous the remainder of the game was.
Rybka said:

(0:01.35)} {+299.83|d22} {White has a decisive advantage})

My genius friend Colin McGourty from chessintranslation has been doing a sterling job of translation the lovely Sergey Shipov's commentary from Russian into delightful English.

Unfortunately late into the game his transmission went a little quirky and he has asked me to advise passers-by that the remainder of today's game can be found HERE

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