9 Oct 2010



My understanding of the game comes from following the lovely Sergey Shipov HERE

In case your Russian is non-existent, as is mine, you can follow his golden words thanks to Colin McGourty's ( from Chessvibes) excellent translation in real time. Aren't people clever.

Two games today, and I am following Kramnik versus Carlsen.

So far, Kramnik seems the stronger.
Game and analysis up this evening.

It is now 20.00 hrs Bilbao time and I reckon Carlson has lost this first game.
By playing 29...d5, he has stretched his resources too far and Kramnik is not slipping up.

Twenty minutes later, Kramnik has 38 mins left, Carlsen 9, and White has virtually won. I reckon they will play to 40 moves, when Carlsen will throw in the towel.

Shirov and Anand have drawn.

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