15 Oct 2010


The final round and I am following Anand versus Carlsen.

Kramnik and Shirov have drawn.
Anand and Carlsen are still embroiled in a Closed Ruy, Breyer Variation.

After a steady and even development, Calsen edged forward with a well planned preparation for a kingside attack. Sadly, by the time he had everything in place, the target area had disappeared. Anand yet again did his wizard impression and it was a case of "now you see me - nw you don't".

Towards move 40, Anand with 11 mins versus Carlsens's 4, has turned things around in his favour.

I am puttin up the game as is, with no firm outcome, but a likelihood of a draw is fast disappearing, as Carlsen seems a bit rattled by his lack of time.

Anand seems to slip up on move 40 where he plays 40.Bxf4, when 40.Nf3 might have given him a sound advantage.
Oh well...

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