14 Nov 2009


They have chosen one of the HELLO - GOODBYE games that ends in a quick draw:
Lutz versus Polgar Budapest 2003. a 25 move draw.

Well, it is the last day and no glory left for either of them,
So what the heck, let them get out of there and catch the next plane home.
Unless they are playing in the blitz. Haven checked on that yet.



Treasure this statement : I don't often admit to that:-)

Carlsen stuck his neck out with 14...g4
Eval Junior 11 is +0.93 at 18 ply. Rybka gives it +0.58.
The usual discrepancy between the two programmes.

So far Carlsen has saved himself a tempo by NOT CASTLING.
Will he do so in this game?

Yes. I thought it was about time.

Carlsen has used up 25 mins more than Leko who has 1.27 mins left.

This will probably still end in a draw, but I am grateful that
they are giving us full measure.

leading to:

Now after a long think, Leko moves the LightSB rather than the DarkSB.
Is he doing a Carlsen?
Trying to make Black use up extra time? they both have about an hour left, so no Zeitnot yet.

I wouldn't mind it for Black after 31. Rd8+

They seem to be coasting to a gentlemanly 40 move draw.
More an exhibition than a match.
Good for them.
We're grateful.
At least I am.
Thank you both.

Not that it matters much:
Aronian is beating Anand.
Svidler and Gelfand have drawn.
So there will definitely be 3 players on 5 whilst
Kramnik and Ivanchuk battle it out for supremacy.

Carlsen and Leko might as well draw here.
They both have about 45 minutes left for 8 moves.
Even Carlsen cannot create chances from this position.

Oh yes he can. particulalry if his opponent slips up.
If White had taken Rxe7 a move earlier, he would not have given black
a foor in the door.
Sadly that is the move where I had to leave the game and I missed
the exciting conclusion with Carlsen winning in style!!

Makes you think what he would have done if he had been firing on
all cylinders this week. Amazing.
18 years old and number one in the world.
I hope it gives him genuine pleasure.
Full ame tomorrow.

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