12 Nov 2009


Today Carlsen is Black against Svidler.
They opted for a B30 Sicilian, no g6.

after 9...cxd4

At the same time Kramnik as Black faces Aronian, and I confess
being intrigued by their confrontation so I might
concentrate on that match.

These two are in a QGD Ragozin D39 again.
Quite the flavour of the month it seems.

Junior 11 and Rybka AQUA differ radically in their views on this position.

Rybka wants 13....Bxc3, which Junior puts in seventh place,
with its preferred choice 13....Ne7.
It certainly set Kramnik thinking.

Turn-up for the books :
Kramnik plays something completely different:


Time 1.40 vs 1.24 mins

Now Aronian needs time to reply.

Both games fizzled out into a draw.

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