10 Nov 2009


Carlsen doesn't have flu. Not that he isn't ill.
He has a throat infection. That explains why he
was prescribed anti-biotics, which do nothing against
a virus. Hope his fever is gone. Not easy getting your
brain in gear when you feel bad. He is playing Black
against Ivanchuk today. They are both on 2 points.

Kramnik is leading by one point. By general consensus he is
believed to be on a caffeine drip: his eyes look wild and
his playing is fiendish. So they say. I have nothing against
him doing well. I like him and his playing style. The reason
I stick with Carlsen's games is that I can't cope with more
than one game at a time. Besides, when the lad feels good,
he is still the most exciting player to follow.

Torre, London and Colle systems.



Very subtle play from Ivanchuk. He always strikes me
as an exquisite embroiderer or marquetry chap.


After 20.Ra3


leading to:

and the inevitable draw.

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