8 Nov 2009


Carlsen is ill with the flu. Wonder which flu.
Apparently he asked for a postponement of today's match.
With tomorrow being a free day, that didn't seem unreasonable.
He is playing today.

D47, Semi-slav, Meran.


Black wants to give his fianchettoed Bishop free rein.
Before that, the b-pawn must be protected and the King made safe by castling.

After 16...Qe5 White looks a little hemmed in to me.
His diagonals are locked and neither Rook is free to go.

He plays 17. Qe1 AND ALL IS WELL FOR WHITE and time is now 1.26 vs 1.24 mins

17...Bd5 rather than taking the c5 Pawn straight away. Black wants to hang on to his DSB.

After a very long think, Carlsen settles on 18. Qc3.
57 vs 1.24 mins

Slightly unexpected replies from Aronian. At least Junior 11 thinks so.

Hope Magnus feels better after the rest day.

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