25 Jan 2009

Yet another draw

I'm getting rather cheesed off with Carlsen's ultra fast draws in this tourney, and will follow somebody else for a spell. Bosboom looks interesting. At least there is a bit of life in the game he is playing today.

So many draws about.
Are they sick or something?
Maybe Corus ought to impose some early draw restrictions such as they have in place at other venues.

I hate investing a few hours in something that fizzles out when there are still chances.

Well, what do I know?

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James Stripes said...

Tomorrow, Carlsen will win with Black; Aronian will draw Adams; Karjakin will draw van Wely; Movsesian will beat Wang Yue; Radjabov will defeat Smeets. As a consquence, there will be four way tie for first going into the last rest day, and Carlsen will share fifth place. Brace yourself for a long weekend full of spit and vinegar.

. said...

Hiya James,

Nice to hear from you.
I look forward to your prediction coming true.
It's about time for some 'spit and vinegar': it has been too placid for too long.

Rolling Pawns said...

James - 2 out of 5, I think you should keep your current work :).
It was a pretty good round, I am glad Carlsen won (and here you were right!).

. said...

Are you both snowed in out there in the frozen North?

I can't quite see Carlsen win as Black on Friday, but I don't know how good Smeets is.

Rolling Pawns said...

Yeah, we just yesterday had a lots of snow, 20 cm.
I bet 3:1 on Carlsen's win on Friday.