5 Jan 2009

HASTINGS final round

The oldest tournament in the world in Hastings, is still going strong.

Since its inception in 1885, it has seen all chess world champions participate, bar Kasparov and Fischer.

Today I will follow the game between GM Berg (2623) (6) and GM greet (2440) (5 1/2)

They seem to be in a hurry and in less than five minutes they are now on move 16.b4 Bd7 in a C06 closed Ruy Chigorin.
Bd7 was played by Ariel as black against De Coverly in 1975, 1-0

After Move 24.Nc4 Qb5 0.64 and 30 mins for White, 26 mins for Black.

And Black has just given the game away by playing 30...g6 when Qd7 would have done fine. Pity, after holding his own to a 200 point higher rated player throughout this game. No time trouble, as he still has 19 mins left vs White with 11 mins.

After Move 41.fxe5 dxe5 Eval 2.45 it looks like a win for Emmanuel Berg from Norway.

With 2 pawns for a Queen, Black is not exactly quick to resign.

Tough going....

White has broken through: #26

On Move 60 Berg played 60.Qc8+, when 60.Qxe5 would have been helpful, not to say decisive.

Well done GM Berg: 7 points out of 9 rounds! Only 1/2 point below the winner.

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