2 Jan 2009

HASTINGS round 6

The oldest tournament in the world in Hastings, is still going strong.

Since its inception in 1885, it has seen all chess world champions participate, bar Kasparov and Fischer.

Today I will follow the game between GM Gordon (2521) vs GM Berg (2623), both having gained 4 points out of 5 rounds.

They are playing the Albin Counter Gambit, D08 and still following Topalov vs Morozewitch, Amber Rapid 2005, 0-1.

after the sequence

Whereas Topalov inserted 7.Bb2 eliciting a5, before playing b5.
To make matters worse, White made the wrong exchange on move 8, where he played 8.Nxd4, when 8.Nxe5 would have been slightly less damaging.

No chance of rescueing this game for White. Certainly not against a player of the calibre of Berg.

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