1 May 2010

WCC 2010 game 6


My observations as the game was being played.
PLAY THROUGH game at the bottom of this post.

Anand still leading by one whole point.
What will it be at the end of this afternoon?

Not again.

Deviating from Game 02 at move 10.Bg5
Cheeky devil: always something up his sleeve. Luring Topalov into false security and then POW! a new worry.

Not played very often I don't think. Still Topalov was quick to reply, so it wasn't really a surprise as such.

10.Bg5 h6
11.Bxf6 Qxf6 N
12.Nd3 Ba7
fending off a Knight assault on -b6-

13.Qa4 ?
I am wondering if I am on the right board.
What's he up to now?
I had expected 13.Nce5, joining his other Knight in a hunt for the LSB

Another unpleasant surprise for Topalov? Was a bit too quick with the reply to Bg5?
13...Nc6 is probaly safest.

Can't help feeling that Qa4 is backfiring. It allows Topalov to advance his b-pawn, pushing the Queen back to where she may not want to go apart from Qb3 maybe.
Still, after Topalov's wise 12...Ba7, there wasn't much choice for White.
Good conflict.

13.Qa4 Nc6
14.Rac1 e5
15.Bxc6 b5
16.Qc2 Qxc6
17.Ncxe5 Qe4

18.Qc6 Bb7
19.QxQ BxQ

Things have turned slightly in Black's favour I think.
Both his Bishops are active, while White's center pawn is still behind.

Topalov is in fine fettle and countering every threat beautifully.
This is turning into a delicious game.
Thank you to both players.
Let's hope nothing untoward happens.

20.Rc2 Rfe8
21.Rfc1 f6

22.Nd7 Bf5
23.N7c5 Bb6 Not wanting to swap the Bishop for a Knight.

I can't see a clear plan somehow. It seems a series of skirmishes and not much outline planning.

I need air and will leave them to it for a bit.
Back now but I mustn't forget that I have chicken stew on the stove.

Still not a clear plan ahead. White seems to just hang in there, waiting for Black to make a mistake. That pawn on =e2= is high-maintenance and has sewn up the Rooks.
Wonderful to behold the way Topalov has throttled the supposedly open c-file. It is reminiscent of the pythonesque style of Karpov.

24.Nb7 Bd7 completely closing the c-file. Great stuff.
25.Nf4 Rab8
26.Nd6 Re5
27.Nc8 Ba5
28.Nd3 Re8
29.Na7 Bb6
30.Nc6 Rb7
31.Ncb4 a5
32.Nd5 a4!
Plan emerging
33.Nxb6 Rxb6 Is Anand throwing in the towel?
34.Nc5 Bf5
This is bizarre. 13 x
Anand has now moved a Knight once too often.
Unlucky thirteen.

35.Rd2 Rc6
36.b4 axb3
37.axb3 b4
38.Rxd4 Rxe2
39.Rxb4 Bh3
40.Rbc4 Rd6

Time to shake hands.

41.Re4 Rb2
42.Ree1 Rdd2
43.Ne4 Rd4

Anand giving Topalov a taste of his own medicine?

They are trundling on and on and on.
Boring. If somebody now profits by the mistake of the opponent, I shall not be impressed one little bit.
This is silly.
I'm outta here.

Shenanigans after move 44 until they finally draw.

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