24 Oct 2008

More than meets the eye

Clearly, there was more to the draw in game 7 than ordinary mortals could perceive.

I stand corrected in my denunciation of that game as dreary. A lot happened whilst I was having my boredom nap.

Slav again, as in the fated games 3 and 5 with reverse colours. But Kramnik doesn't go for Anand's successful Move4....e6. Why not I wonder. In my database it is top choice with almost 5000 games. Does Kramnik think that Anands home prep has exhausted that defence? In which case Kramnik himself ought to have done better in game 5, after a rest day.

Move 15....Bg6 as played by him in Elista one move earlier.
Move 20.Ba3, rather than 20.Bd2, would indicate Anand was satisfied with a draw and had no winning intention.
Move 21....Qxe3, after which Kramnik offered a draw. Refused.
Moves 34, 33, 24 and 25 all King moves, either played or considered, on =f7= and =g6= very influential to the outcome.

Move 34...Nc5+ instead of 34...Kg6 else white's DSB could weave its way to =e3= and hold Black's b-pawn and -g5 pawn to ransom.

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