10 Sep 2008


Spanish tournament organisers seem to take exception to draws. I don't blame them.

Although I fully agree with a new and different way of scoring, putting emphasis on fighting chess, I would like to see a differential between a white win and a black win.

Possibly the former might be rewarded with one point less, or the latter with one point more, depending on where the balance lies.

Similarly for draws, a black draw being rewarded with more than a white one.

White: win 2 points, draw 1 point, loss 0.
Black : win 3 points, draw 2 points loss 0

This would mean that Carlsen and Topalov would both have 11 points after round 7. Today, playing each other with Carlsen as Black, a draw would give him the advantage of an extra point. A win for White would put Topalov at 13 and a win for Black would give Carlsen 14 and a tremendous lead.

After all, winning as Black against this type of opposition is a homeric achievement, and ought to be rewarded.

I see little difference between a draw for Black and a win for White and believe they ought to have the same score.

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