28 Apr 2008


There is more than one way to skin a cat....but I wish Magnus hadn't led us such a merry dance.

This round 7 is the most important round for several of today's players, Magnus being one of them.

Winning as Black here would be very good indeed. Would be? What am I saying: He's just this minute done it.

Yet again the time squeeze was the weapon of choice, even though several others where lying to hand.


Not the best of games, with inaccuracies on both sides and of course the peculiar and trappy move 17.Rxh5...
I didn't know what to think and where to go from there. Engines were of little use and we will soon here more about this position.

I feel happy that Carlsen has been able to improve his overall position today, but sad for Radjabov, who is always so careful, but today lost the plot on his homeground.

Well, there is always tomorrow...

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