7 Mar 2008

Carlsen versus Radjabov

Final round. Is Carlsen going to pull of a miracle here this afternoon?

Doesn't look like it from where I am sitting. But then..I have no feel for the Schlieman at all. Never played, never studied it. So far there is little I can say.

Ahm wait: I think I can see Carlsen's python technique coming to the fore again: he has just played 28.g3 and after 27...b6 bringing the entire queenside to a standstill, it is going to be the kingside where trouble is brewing.

Radjabov is spending a long time over where to move his Queen at move 30.h4 *
Is he going Qg7 and then back to =h6= again or is he going to move the Rook from right to left and back again? Or is he simply going to say "Pass" ?

All very softly, softly and a little too subtle for me.

What? 36...Qf4?
And why does Magnus NOT take it? What am I missing here?
37.Qxf4 exf4 38.Rh3 Kc8/fxg3
Yeah, that's probably a damp squib.

They are through the time portal and playing fast.

63.b4 was a little wobbly (63.Rh6 better?)

It's got to be a draw.

I'm assuming it will be a draw any second now and I'm out of here.

Well done Magnus! Coming a close second in such company is another amazing feat. Thank you for entertaining us all in such style.

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